1894 - 2019: 125th Anniversary Year!

Recent political events in the United Kingdom have turned the spotlight on the question of English identity. Political debate and media pundits might lead you to believe that the English have only just woken up to their patriotic passions. Let us assure you, this is definitely not the case...

The Royal Society of St George – founded in 1894

For more than 125 years, the Royal Society of St George has been England’s premier patriotic organisation, promoting and celebrating the English way of life. With thousands of members, more than 60 branches in England and over 30 around the world, the Society organises a wide variety of social and fund raising events, from marking significant moments in our history to enjoying English food and drink.

Our Patron: HM The Queen

Queen Victoria was the Society’s first Royal Patron and we have since enjoyed the Patronage of every reigning monarch. In 1963 the Queen bestowed a notable honour by granting the Society its own Royal Charter.

Each year we send flowers to Her Majesty on her birthday on April 21st.

Flying the flag

The St George’s Cross flag has been the national flag of England since the 1300s and the Society campaigns for it to be flown prominently around the country. In recent years it has been great to see the flag flying at major sporting events but Society members want to see it more widely in everyday life – flying from public buildings, churches, educational establishments and even private residences. It happens in many countries around the world, so why not in England?

Celebrate St George’s Day

England’s neighbours celebrate their national days with fervour – at home, around the world, and among their communities living in England. So why is St George’s Day – April 23rd – such a low key event? One of the Society’s long-running campaigns is to have St. George’s Day declared a public holiday and to encourage celebrations to be held in every village, town and city in the country.

Many of our branches hold various events around April 23rd.

Events throughout the year

The Society and branches organise many varied events but fixtures on the annual calendar include:

  • Cenotaph Wreath Laying in Whitehall on the Saturday closest to St. George’s Day, followed by laying a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey
  • Battle of Waterloo luncheon or dinner in June.
  • Battle of Britain luncheon in September.
  • Trafalgar Day dinner in October.

Many branches meet monthly for a lunch or dinner while some hold weekly meetings.

On the south coast a branch, assisted local town councils organise an annual Veterans & Armed Forces Day event, while at the other end of the country the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta was commemorated with a medieval feast in the Undercroft of Durham Cathedral. Over in the west country members visited an Iron Age settlement and organised a Last Night of The Proms . In London, where there are three branches, recent meeting places have included The Tower of London and The Lord Mayor of Westminster’s parlour.

Supporting English Charities

Charitable support is fundamental to the Society and, across the Society, takes many forms.

The majority of our branches are extremely active in their support of numerous worthy causes, either through fund raising events or direct community support activities.

The Society’s Charitable Trust has, as its main aim, the support of young people in their endeavours to develop themselves and to support their communities.

Key Dates in 2019

Feb 22nd - 125th Anniversary Reception, HMS President
Mar 11th - Commonwealth Day
Apr 23rd - St. George's Day
Apr 27th - Annual Cadet Parade & Wreath Laying at the Cenotaph and Westminster Abbey
May 18th - Church Service, St Andrews Wraysbury
Jun 6th - 75th Anniversary of D-Day
Jun 8th - Trooping the Colour
Sep 3rd - 80th Anniversary of the start of WWII
Sept 13th - Battle of Britain Lunch, RAF Club
Oct 27th - Annual Standard's Service at St' George's Church, Hanover Square - see events section for full details
Nov 2nd - National Arboretum Visit - see events section for full details
Nov 10th - Armistice Sunday (100th Armistice Day)
Nov 28th - 100th Anniversary of Lady Astor's election to Parliament

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