The 50:50 Club

You can assist the Royal Society of St George and win yourself cash prizes by joining the Society’s own lottery.

The 50–50 Club was launched in January 2011 and by the end of 2020 had raised £16,000+, much needed funds to assist with projects to promote the Society and its objectives.

However, more participants will ensure more income for the Society with larger prize money allocation.

Details of the Lottery are as follows:

  • The 50-50 Club takes the form of a monthly Lottery.
  • To enter you can pledge to sponsor individual numbers between 1 and 400 for £5.00 each, per calendar month. (Minimum duration 12 months = £60.00 per sponsored number).
  • There is no limit to how many numbers one person can sponsor but number will be allocated on a strictly first come – first served basis. If number/s selected by members have already been purchased the next nearest number will be allocated.
  • On the first Monday of each calendar month three numbers will be drawn from those numbers sponsored during the previous month.
  • 50% of monies collected from those sponsored numbers will be given in prize money, with the other 50% going to the Society.
  • The prize money will be split into three prizes as follows:

60% First Prize: 30% Second Prize and 10% Third Prize.

Entries do not have to be purchased only by individuals. Maybe your Branch could sponsor a number/s.

The Application / Sponsorship Form may be downloaded from here.