Royal Charter

The Royal Charter was granted to us in 2nd May 1963, by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal Charter


Royal Society of St. George Bye Laws

The latest version of the Society's Bye Laws, as updated in January 2024.

RSSG Bye-laws (2024)


Royal Society of St. George Regulations

To support the revised Bye Laws, a new set of Regulations have been prepared and approved, to support the governance of the Society.

RSSG Regulations (2024)


St. George For England

Previous copies of the Society's Journal, St. George For England.

Winter 2023

Summer 2023

Spring 2023

Winter 2022



Copies of the Chairman's quaterly newsletters.

March 2024

October 2023

July 2023

April 2023

December 2022


D-Day National Celebrations

Take a look at the national celebrations organised for the 80th Anniversary of D-Day.  Many branches are organising their own celebrations, and this might give some great ideas to help with those events.


School Affiliation Programme

Click here to find out about our School's Affiliation programme.


English Timeline

This mind map shows the many different aspects and branches of our history including famous people, events and places. Please feel free to download it and use it to help build a picture of England and our history. (If you think we've missed anything please let us know.)

English Timeline Mindmap

If you are going to print it out, then it should be printed out on A0 size paper - otherwise it'll be too small to read properly!

In addition there is some useful information here on English Inventions and Discoveries.

England & Englishness

A select bibliography of English publications very kindly compiled by a long standing member of the Society.

England & Englishness

Brand Guidelines

The brand identity of The Royal Society of St. George is the face and personality of the Society that is presented to the global community. The brand is as important as all other elements of the Society. The brand identity refers to the: logo, typography, brand names, trademarks, brochures, products, presentations, documents, website and social media channels that represent The Royal Society of St. George.

RSSG Brand Guidelines