Membership of the Society is open to all people who share our love of England and Englishness.

Those joining the Society today are following in the footsteps of such great Englishmen as Lord Baden-Powell, defender of Mafeking and founder of the world-wide Scout movement, Sir Winston Churchill, soldier and statesman, whose leadership of his nation in wartime continues to provide inspiration to generations of fellow Britons and Rudyard Kipling, the great  journalist, short-story writer, poet, and novelist.

Currently the Society has active branches in many cities of England. We also have branches and affiliates throughout the Commonwealth, the English speaking world and beyond.

We are an inclusive Society and accept into our ranks - indeed we welcome - people of all nationalities, faiths and political beliefs, provided they support our aims and objects.

All members of the Royal Society are encouraged to participate in events to celebrate England's National Day, on 23rd April. It is also the birth day and death day of William Shakespeare. Festivities are organised by our branches and affiliates in towns and cities worldwide. The Society also celebrates Trafalgar Day, commemorating Admiral Lord Nelson's great victory at sea on 21st October 1805, The Battle Of Britain and other momentous events in England's History.

Application Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Please select the relevant option below to apply to become a member or to renew an existing membership.


Central Membership Types & Fees

Membership Type Joining Annual
UK Youth £0 £5
Single £15 £20
Joint £15 £30
Life £500 N/A
UK Joint Life £750 N/A
Overseas Life £625 N/A
Overseas £50 £50
National Branch N/A N/A
International Branch N/A £100
Affiliates £100 £100
Schools & Cadet Groups £0 £0


Note: The above rates are effective from 1st January 2023.

Branch member fees will be in addition to the above and may be charged by each branch at their agreed rate to cover local branch costs, etc.

Membership Benefits