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On this page we have provide links to articles and information that we hope is of interest to anyone interested in England, our History and Traditions.
We have split this into two sections for ease of use. All articles and information provided will abide by our strictly non-party political stance.


This section is for articles that we couldn't include in our Journal, St. George for England  plus any other information relating to England and the Commonwealth.

Once almost forgotten, the Cornish composer George Lloyd has been rediscovered. Serving on the Arctic convoys and then retreating to Switzerland, Lloyd returned to our shores to write some of our finest 20th-century music.

When most people are asked to think of an English composer, the names of Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Parry come to mind ~ Parry, especially, for members of The Royal Society of St. George, who have just voted to make his Blake setting ~ Jerusalem ~ the Society anthem. Yet the musical establishment seems to have completely forgotten the name of a young Englishman who composed some of our most graceful, finely-crafted and intriguing music of the romantic genre: Walter Leigh.

  • Anglo-Saxon — ‘a source of English pride’
Writing in The Daily Telegraph on the 11th May 2024, Cambridge professor, David Abulafia, took issue with the renaming, courtesy of Cambridge University Press, of the distinguished journal, Anglo-Saxon England. Now entitled — Early Medieval England and its Neighbours — Prof. Abulafia cites the current woke-inspired ‘hue and cry’ about possible racial connotations of the term, ‘Anglo-Saxon’, as a reason for the name-change; and added: ‘Instead of erasing the term Anglo-Saxon, it is far better to accept that our forebears oversaw a flourishing and fascinating period of this island’s history. It deserves a proper name and it already has one.’

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In this section we will provide relevant ‘campaigning’ pieces or news-links, or information from like-minded groups.

Wing Commander Mike Sutton has been leading the North Downs Branch in a number of local community initiatives.