Birth of England 2027

Birth of England 2027

During the summer of 927 AD, King Æthelstan defeated in battle the Irish Norse pretender to the throne of the Kingdom of York. In doing so, he took control of the last Viking kingdom in England.

Later, on 12th July 927, near Eamont in Cumbria, King Æthelstan met with several Celtic kings across Britain. At this meeting was the English Lord of Bamburgh and other nobles from the Viking territory of Northumbria, all of whom submitted to King Æthelstan.

On that day in 927, Æthelstan had, in effect, created one nation for all the English-speaking people. From that day onwards, and for the first time, all the English-speaking people were united under one ruler. From that point forward, King Æthelstan was no longer just King of the Anglo-Saxons; he became REX ANGOLORUM, King of the English.

We believe that 12th July is England’s birthday, and in 2027 England will be 1100 years old. England is the oldest country in Western Europe, and we believe this is worth celebrating.

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