International Representative

Dear International / Overseas Members,

Upon agreeing to take on the new role of International Representative, I set about identifying the correct point of contact in each International Branch or Affiliated Organisation. This proved to be not quite as easy a task as I originally thought, and Secretaries are asked to please keep me informed of any changes as they happen.

I am grateful to receive examples of good practice, in order to assist the Society when it is offering support to branches and associates who are in difficulty, and may seek advice or assistance to keep going or increase their membership numbers.

Having been advised that “… many people overseas show an interest in forming a branch and then, when they realise what is involved, they change their minds and you don’t hear from them again….” as an initial step and in consultation with experienced long standing members both overseas and in the UK. I set about revising procedures and the way we approach requests to form an International Branch. These new procedures have met with the approval of Council, and we sincerely hope that they will ease the pathway for those in the future wishing to establish a new International Branch of the Royal Society of St George.

THE LORDS OF HER MAJESTY’S MOST HONOURABLE PRIVY COUNCIL sitting at the Council Chamber Whitehall on the 17th August 2009 approved revised Bye-Laws for the Royal Society of St George. In order to keep within the spirit of these revised Bye-Laws, after a new International Branch is formed, it is now a requirement that the entire membership are International Branch Members or International Branch Associate Members of the Royal Society of St George. This means that every member of a new Branch will have individual membership and connection to the Royal Society and be recognised as such.

“International Branch Members” shall mean Members born in England or of English descent, who subscribe to and express a desire to support the Objects of the Society. They may attend General Meetings, vote and be elected to the Branch Committee.

“International Branch Associate Members” shall mean Members of other than English descent that subscribe to and express a desire to support the Objects of the Society. They may attend General Meetings and vote.

The Spouse / Partner of Members as above, who subscribe to and express a desire to support the Objects of the Society may, on completion of the appropriate Application Form, payment of a nominal membership fee and acceptance by the Committee, join the Royal Society of St George with full membership privileges.

Perhaps one of the most significant Rule changes offered to New International Branches is that: If the majority of the International Branch Members, born in England or of English descent, agree at an Annual General Meeting AGM, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting EGM, specifically called for the purpose, the Rules of the Branch may state, or be amended to read, that International Branch Associate Members can be eligible for election to the Committee, provided that they do not form a majority. Such a Rule or amendment must be due to an obvious local requirement, and be supported by reasonable argument when it is submitted to the Council of the Royal Society for approval.


There is no requirement upon existing overseas branches to change their current rules or procedures. If Secretaries or Chairman wish to have copies of the relevant new documentation by email, please contact the Administration Centre.

Best Wishes

Joanna Cadman

pp International Representative