British Columbia – 125th Anniversary Events

The Royal Society of St. George (B.C. Branch)
Takes great pleasure in inviting you to join with us in our
125th Anniversary Celebrations

The Royal Society of St George is an English patriotic society established in 1894 to encourage interest in the English way of life, and English History, foods, customs and traditions. In 1415 St. George became the Patron Saint of England after the English soldiers fighting under the command of King Henry V had beaten the French at the Battle of Agincourt. Ever since then, St George has been the patriotic rallying point for the English people. The Society is incorporated by a Royal Charter which was presented by Elizabeth II in 1963 and has its own Armorial Bearings granted under Letters Patent in 1990 and also now has members and branches around the world.

Event Materials

125 Invitation

March 27th F & C

April 20th St George’s day

125th Anniversary Invitation