Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Branch of The Royal Society of St. George.

Branch Contact and Officers

Mr. Stephen Owens
Mobile: +971 509 125805
Email: stephen.owens66@yahoo.com

Vice Chair:
Mrs. Mandy Billany
Mobile: +971 505 629433
Email: twinkle91@windowslive.com

Mr. Paul Billany
Mobile: +971 509 090468
Email: pbillany91@hotmail.com

Mrs. Nikki Malpass
Mobile: +971 508 486130
Email: nikkimalpass@hotmail.com

Events Promoter:
Mrs. Victoria Owens
Mobile: +971 563 395172
Email: vicky.owens@sky.com

Sponsorship Coordinator:
Mrs. Paula Richards
Mobile: +971 586 622635

Member / Assistant:
Julia Carter-Meadows

For all enquiries, please email the Branch at rssgauh@gmail.com.

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