Letter from RSSG President

To Branch, Presidents, Chairmen, Officers and members                                                                                               

It is my privilege to send to all members of our Royal Society, greetings in this particular year.

We shall be celebrating another year of excitement for our Patron, a new baby and a very significant Royal wedding.

We see that our society spreads inclusivity ever wider, in membership to everyone born in England and who adopt our Charter aims. We see young people join us in response to the excellent initiatives of our Council. We see in Manchester the response by those young people to terrorist bullying.                  

We congratulated Arianna Grande for her return concert.

I ask that we now in preparation for our important anniversary next year, examine our objectives and your hopes and aims to bring the thoughts of those who wrote them, into a modern action plan. I particularly ask that wherever possible, we concentrate on the importance to us of our Commonwealth heritage and the opportunities for service there.

We have much to be proud of and using our history, ‘warts and all’ a unique spring board into the challenge and potential of our ‘family of |nations’.

Members and potential members ask what else we can do, other than remember with pride our historic figures. I see integration of all backgrounds and traditions as a vital exciting step into our future, and delight in the ever-closer relations I see and the mutual understanding between the Faiths of England.

On your behalf I wrote to HRH Prince Harry and Ms Merkel, with our congratulations upon their engagement including our Society profile:

“The Royal Society of St George is a Society independent of party politics, incorporated by Royal Charter and Her Majesty is our Patron. Past vice presidents include Sir Winston Churchill, Viscount Montgomery, Lord Baden Powell, and The Baroness (Mrs) Thatcher. Past presidents include members of the Royal Family.

Our purpose is to promote England from within the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Membership is inclusive of all faiths (or none) and the wide ethnic diversity of those born in England and to those who adopt the objectives stated within our Royal Charter. It is my hope to appeal to young people to engage with us.

To me we have in this news, a great opening for enthusing further and encouraging ‘return’ support; an involvement for young people ‘born here’, to take a lead around issues of service to their own ethnic ‘homeland’ within the Commonwealth.

With the added attraction and support of such an obvious power as Ms Merkle; as you put it “within a team.” we can look to and hope for great successes. “

With very sincere best wishes for a full and enjoyable St George celebration.


Bill Firth

April 2018