About Us

The Royal Society of St. George was founded in 1894 with the noble object of promoting "Englishness" and the English way of life.

The Society quickly attracted the support of many distinguished public figures in England and throughout the British Empire. Its first Royal Patron was Queen Victoria; and the society has enjoyed the Patronage of every reigning monarch from that day to this.

Our present sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in 1963, bestowed a notable honour by granting the Society its own Royal Charter, a distinction of which its members are justifiably proud.

The Society was further granted Arms in 1990.
The objectives of The Society as laid down in its Royal Charter are:

  1. To foster the love of England and to strengthen England and the Commonwealth by spreading the knowledge of English history, traditions and ideals.
  2. To keep fresh the memory of those in all walks of life, who have served England or the Commonwealth in the past, to inspire leadership in the future.
  3. To combat all activities likely to undermine the strength of England or the Commonwealth.
  4. To further English interest everywhere to ensure that St. George's Day is properly celebrated and to provide focal points all the world over where English men and women may gather together.

The Society is inclusive and independent of party politics. Membership is open to:

  • All those who subscribe to the Objects of the Society; and
  • Are born in England or wherever born being English men or English women or children or remoter issue of the same; or
  • Not being of English descent nevertheless support the aims and objectives of the Society.

Our Vision

To be widely recognised as the premier English patriotic society; attracting members from all walks of life; celebrating important dates in English history; supporting and encouraging the young; sharing and maintaining our Culture; Heritage and traditions; having a voice on issues that affect our country; and supporting charitable causes.

Our Mission

We will deliver our vision statement by supporting the increase of our active branch network throughout England, the Commonwealth and across the world; encouraging sustainable membership growth with the aim of doubling our membership by 2025; increasing awareness in the Society and what it stands for particularly amongst the young; ensuring the financial security and stability of the Society with an effectively and efficiently run back office operation; and standing up for and representing our country, its history and traditions, on TV, radio and in the press and social media.